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Christopher Kippenberger was approached with a proposition. It was a commission from a longtime fan, and the task was clear: “Build me a truck that you would want for yourself.” This became the GELÄNDEWAGEN.

The inaugural GELÄNDEWAGEN started as an immaculate ex-Swiss military G-Wagen. Building upon the Mercedes-Benz’s Swabian roots, Kippenberger infused the truck with his brand of American spirit, transforming the utilitarian G with a reworked powerplant, refined suspension setup, fire-breathing exhaust and lush interior treatment. 

Kippenberger hated the corner of Germany that has come to be called Swabia. He spent his childhood there, cooped up in boarding school. He hated the region, he hated the people and he hated the dialect. It wasn’t until later that it became clear to him what that secret society stood for—it stood for excellence. The dialect was a verbal handshake. If something is being discussed in Swabian, it’s going to turn out right. It is this ethos that is carried through to each of VÉHICULE’s projects. 

VÉHICULE is about modernizing classics. It’s taking the tried, tested, approved and adored, and looking at them through an updated lens. It turns the old adage on its head—you really should meet your heroes.

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