You're Busted! My Father the US Customs Agent.

You're Busted! My Father the US Customs Agent.

"My parents were federal law enforcements agents (father, US Customs - mother, IRS) and were intimately involved in some of the highest profile cases that played out down here, which are now a critical part of Miami lore." 

"I was born and raised here. I love this city and it’s history, of which I had a unique lens to experience as a kid growing up. Christopher and I got to talking and I said I would start going through the tons of material I have from back in those days and begin digitizing and uploading it. A lot of this stuff can’t be looked up anywhere, which sucks for anyone who would be interested in hearing the stories that made this city what it is." 

"I will begin to post all the photos/info I find relating to boats as I know that’s what this group is about (I myself know nothing about boats other than how to party on them.) I could post the other non-boat stuff if you guys care to see it or leave it out and keep it boats." 

"I hope some of these pictures jog some memories and I’d love to hear/share stories or anything." 

"Anyway, enjoy and there’s plenty more to come. It’s a lot of stuff to go through."

-Eric Girard