Véhicule Magazine: Wilson's Custom Marine

Véhicule Magazine: Wilson's Custom Marine

Sometimes, it’s best to just keep things simple. Don’t mess with the natural order of things. When it comes down to it, there’s nothing better than working with what you know and who you know. If there’s anyone you can trust with your life and living, it’s family. The Wilsons have taken this motto to heart in building up Wilson's Custom Marine in Fort Pierce, Florida. As a family, their business is like a finely tuned household—everyone looks out for one another, and they all have the same interests in mind. 

With a combined fifty years of powerboat racing experience, father Mark and son Craig Wilson and their family run something of a public secret in the offshore world. They are not purposely flashy, and they don’t show off. They could show off if they wanted to though. Their composites, full solid carbon fiber boats in immaculately brilliant weaves and finishes, are nothing short of perfection. They’re technically ingenious and visually stunning. But they choose not to lean on appearances alone—a bold move in a world where people seem to only judge a book by its cover. Instead, the Wilsons rely on their expertise. They are the best at what they do, and everybody who they work with knows it. They let their products speak for themselves. We visited the Wilsons’ shop and found just that—a humble operation where being the master of your craft is as good as gold.

It’s easy to wow people, but the Wilsons prove that it’s sometimes better to just stay the course. Don’t give in to what everyone else seems to be doing. Do what you know is right, and you’ll always come out on top.

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