VÉHICULE Presents: Living Legend Yves Belanger

VÉHICULE Presents: Living Legend Yves Belanger

VÉHICULE exclusive: Offshore legend Yves Belanger recounts his RAZZ Miami runs.

Legendary powerboat pilot Yves Belanger talks to VÉHICULE about what is arguably one of the most iconic powerboat runs of all time (next to WARPATH). Running RAZZ Apache 41’ Powerboat Offshore Miami Beach.

"My name is Yves Belanger and this amazing video actually we started in the morning, me and Rick Conti. The morning was much rougher than the actual video."

"We took the boat out and we actually lost an engine at one point, that's how rough it was. We were coming out of the air so bad, it was unreal. At one point we got one engine that is not running, we're trying to start it, we got a humongous wave coming at us, the boat is going sideways, we really thought we were going to flip and I was thinking okay once we're upside down I'm going to evacuate this way, Rick the other way, and then all of a sudden the boat went back straight."

"We finally got the engine running, get back in, we had a quarter to see, that's how rough it was. After lunch Ricky says: "Yves, it looks like it calmed down a little bit. Why don't we take the boat and do a video? Oh my god, let's get the chopper!" So we get the chopper, start filming us and we were just having a blast. I mean, I had absolutely zero fear, neither did Rick, I mean I thought the boat was invincible, that we could do anything in the world with it (which we kind of did). We had a real, real good blast and the very last wave of course it was like, I don't know, 15 feet up in the air! You could run a Mack truck underneath and I heard a crack…" 

"the reason I prefer this video to the other one: I call the other one almost a circus because it was a rare, rare video but this one feels like you're racing with a boat, you know?"

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