VÉHICULE Presents: An Inside Look at the Death of Don Aronow

The 1987 murder of Miami powerboat legend Don Aronow captivated the international boating scene. The case’s twists, turns and seemingly never-ending cast of characters leaves the killing a mystery to this day. People have tried to make sense of it, only productions misinformation along the way.

VÉHICULE’s in-depth exposé clears the air around the case, bringing you just the facts and illuminates some of the Miami scene’s most prominent characters and places, including Ben Kramer, Rocky Aoki, Betty Cook and the famed Fort Apache.

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NE 188th Street in Miami, aka Thunderboat Row
Don Aronow’s Mercedes-Benz at the scene of the crime
A sheet-metal exit wound on Aronow’s Mercedes-Benz
The rental Lincoln Town Car allegedly used by Don’s killer

Accused perpetrator Robert Young, who pled no contest