VÉHICULE Presents: The Most Expensive Cold Brew In The World Made In Germany

VÉHICULE Presents: The Most Expensive Cold Brew In The World Made In Germany


Have you heard of Kopi Luwak, the most expensive coffee bean in the world? When we made it our mission to create the perfect cold brew, we stumbled across this very special $500/lb bean: 

Kopi Luwak is a coffee that consists of partially digested coffee cherries, which have been eaten by wild and healthy Asian palm civets. The civets feast on only the ripest and highest quality arabica coffee cherries available and the cherries are fermented as they pass through a civet's intestines. After the civets do their work, local experts hand-collect the beans from the Sumatran rainforest.


VÉHICULE worked with a Berlin-based artisan coffee roaster to find the optimal roast for the Kopi Luwak Reserve Cold Brew. We slow roast our beans at 391 °F (199°C) to ensure the perfect body yet un-burned taste. This makes for a remarkably rich and smooth aroma.

Through cold extraction, we draw the full potential of the bean and at the same time do without the bitter substances and the acid, which makes the cold brew well digestible. Our reserve cold brew is brewed in Berlin, Germany over 16 hours using spring water and Kopi Luwak only, no additives.

VÉHICULE Kopi Luwak Cold Brew

Before bottling, our finished cold brew is micro filtered through membranes so fine-pored that not even bacteria can pass them. This whole process creates the world's purest cold brew in taste and quality.

The VÉHICULE Reserve Kopi Luwak Cold Brew has a light, almost pillowy texture that floats in your mouth for several seconds after swallowing, it is intensely aromatic and even more flavorful. You may taste and smell hints of citrus, jasmine, honey and/or chocolate depending on your batch and the current harvest season.

The VÉHICULE Kopi Luwak Cold Brew: Limited Edition Tito's Reserve is available at Chrome Hearts Miami.

If you are into high-end coffee, make sure to check out our organic VÉHICULE Offshore Nitro Cold Brew:

• Made in Germany
• Organic Arabica Coffee & Water Only
• Low & Slow 14 Hour Brew

• Unsweetened, Without Additives
• High Caffeine Content (Two Cups of Coffee)

VÉHICULE Offshore Cold Brew

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