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Mañana × VÉHICULE Hot Sauce

Mañana × VÉHICULE Hot Sauce

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• Distilled White Vinegar
• Salt
• Carrots
• Dried Chiles
• Rice Vinegar
• Arbol Powder

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Mañana × VÉHICULE Hot Sauce

Made in Miami, this sauce is medium hot so it won‘t hurt your butt. No garlic so you stay fresh as fuck. If you are going for that perfect amount of spiciness and tanginess to add to every meal, look no further. We do not use thickening agents for a cleaner taste so a small sprinkle goes a long way.

~ Made in Miami
~ Spiciness 5/10
~ Keto & Vegan
~ No Gluten
~ No Sugar
~ No Artificial Flavors
~ No Preservatives
~ No Seed Oils
~ No Garlic
~ No Thickening Agents

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