VÉHICULE × Cigarette Racing Team

VÉHICULE × Cigarette Racing Team

VÉHICULE took a ride on Cigarette's best horse in the stable: the 515.

Don Aronow established the renowned company on Miami's infamous Thunderboat Row in 1967. His legacy lives on in the spirit of the new 515, which surpasses the 50' Marauder by more than a foot in length and beam and is therefore the largest in the Cigarette performance series.

The boat is made primarily of carbon fiber, which makes it lighter, and vacuum-bagged hand-laid fiberglass, making it agile enough to track well, handle smoothly, and reach top speeds of 125 mph while cruising at a leisurely 90 mph.

The Cigarette 515 can be configured with twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350 inboard engines, which run on 91 octane fuel. The boost in horsepower is activated by turning a special key underneath the dash.

Due to its deeper hull design and generous 9'6" beam width, the 515 offers a roomy cabin below deck with additional headroom and comfortable seats. The additional breadth also allows for roomier steps leading up to the boat's front deck and a wider cabin door, making it easier to unload.

Read all about the real story of Don Aronow, founder of MagnumMarineCigaretteDonzi and Formula (amongst others) in the 30 page VÉHICULE print edition feature story. Order here.

Don Aronow

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