Ben Kramer's Apache 47' Powerboat vs. Haulover Inlet

Ben Kramer's Apache 47' Powerboat vs. Haulover Inlet

Véhicule Magazine presents Ben Kramer's Apache 47' race powerboat, freshly restored to its original state. After over a year of tireless work between 2019 and 2020, the good-as-new masterpiece finally had its first startup in 2020 and is ripping Floridian waters once again.

Apache powerboats were built on Miami's legendary NE 188th Street. Dubbed as "Thunderboat Row," this strip of land was first developed by Don Aronow as early as the 1960s and grew to be the world's capital of powerboat manufacturing.

In the summer of 2020, Véhicule Magazine had the exclusive chance to speak with powerboat legend and race car driver Lorne L.—current owner of this historic Apache. Check out the story of his boat's provenance and how this restoration project came to be here.

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